Privacy Policy

At CBD Oil Extract, we have been committed to give the best results to our valued patrons. To keep things transparent and beneficial for our visitors, we have devised the specific privacy policy for better experience and operational management. It is advisable to read the privacy policy before opting for any type of purchase.

Collection of Information

The website will be eligible and allowed to collect the information of the visitor the moment they visit the website. At the time of visiting the website for the purchase, the website will be collecting the following information: Name, Delivery Address, Email Address, Date Of Birth, Telephone Number, GP Address, Patient Notes, Consultation Notes, Payment Records And Details Of The Medicines.

Change in the Policy

The policy will be changed as and when required and the visitors as well as the subscribers will be informed of the same via newsletters. The visitors must abide by the rules and regulations and the terms that are mentioned on the website.

How is the Data Collected?

The data that we get from the clients or visitors are collected automatically. Our algorithms will track down your search pattern and we will be collecting the necessary information automatically.

We collect the information by tracking down the details that the visitors are filling in on our website. As a result, we may ask you to even accept the cookies to help you get access to the complete website. If you are denying the cookies, it might restrict the access to specific parts of the website.

Use of Information

As per the privacy policy that governs our operations, we will not be using the website’s fill in details by the visitors for commercialization. Rather, we will just be using the information for the following purposes;

  • Sending you newsletters for the latest products we have.
  • To help in bridging the communication that will help in solving the problems of the visitors
  • For the purpose of the record keeping
  • For analysing the activity on the website and taking necessary actions based on the insights.

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