Confirmation of the Order

We send the confirmation to the clients after they have booked the product on our e-Commerce online platform. The complete details of the order that you have placed would be shown in the intimidation you receive via an email or text.

Order Approval Confirmation

The orders are approved on our website only when you are found legitimate to use the medicine. After we have assessed your details via the application done by our doctors, we will be issuing the prescribed medication from our pharmacy. You need to check out on our e-commerce platform, and wait for the delivery to happen. Generally, the delivery will not take more than 2 to 3 days; however, for overseas, it will take somewhere close to a week or two.

On our platform, against your order, the doctors will have necessary queries and you need to answer them. Only after the doctors are convinced that you need such medicines for the cure, they will take the order and initiate the dispatch for the delivery.

Packaging, Dispatch and Deliveries

You need to fill in the address correctly for initiating the delivery to the respective address of yours. For the purpose of the packaging, simple coating or wrapping material will be used. On the package, the return address of the pharmacy will also be shared to ensure that the stuffs get returned, in case of any lag in the communication.

At the time of the delivery, the recipient of the package need to acknowledge the package by signing for it. It is not necessarily required that patients will only receive the delivery. The delivery can be received by anyone else.

At times, most of the patients do not like to be notified via prescriptions because of societal pressure. We completely respect their choices and make necessary arrangements where they do not have to deal with prescriptions.

There is another case as well where after placing the order and upon furnishing necessary details, the doctors find out that you are not well suited to take the drugs. In such cases, the complete refund will be credited to your account.

At times, it might happen that the orders are not on time. The buyers have full discretion to follow up with us and get regular updates about the progress in their application or order.

Delivery of the Order

The delivery process will work in the following manner;

  • First the visitors will be ordering online
  • Then, they need to choose a preferred address for the delivery
  • The final phase will see the order getting delivered to the address.

Damaged and Faulty Medicines

If the medicine has been damaged or is at fault, such medicines can be returned as and when required by the buyer. The purchasers on our platform can upload the pics with the details of the damaged medicines and request for the return. The returns will happen in a swift manner.

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