Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions

a. The visitors will be required to function as per the terms and conditions laid down in the website. Whosoever will be visiting the website must be required to follow the terms and conditions as mentioned;

b. The visitors by using the website are committing to adhere to the guidelines that are mentioned in the website.

c. For future references and perusal, the visitors are asked to keep a hard copy of the terms and conditions.

2. Information About Us

a. We are operating by the name CBD Oil Experts, we are a LLC or Limited Liability Company based in Canada.

b. We are regulated by the terms and conditions as specified by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority. We are also registered with the General medicinal Council to meet with the basic minimal requirements for the operations.

c. We are regulated by the General Medicinal Council and you can write back to us @

3. There are other terms and conditions that may apply;

a. Our privacy policy defines the use of the website and based on that, the terms and conditions provided warrants

b. All the terms and the conditions will define the sale of the goods on the website. Based on that the operations will be happening.

4. Changes would be made to the terms and conditions as and when required. The visitors are required to answer to adhere to the changes. At no point of time, the rules and regulations and the terms mentioned in the website should be disobeyed.

5. The suspension or withdrawal of the website can happen at any point of time. The company will not be taking any responsibility for the same. The visitors must be respecting the decisions of the company. A newsletter would be issued for the suspension and withdrawal of the website.

6. The communication language with the visitors and the subscribers will be in English. The content available on the website is at par with the cultural ethos and acceptance in North America. We do not take the responsibility if someone is opening the website outside of North America. However, we apologies if something not acceptable has been shared on the website.

7. The intellectual property right of the website belongs to the company CBD Oil Extract and it has all the rights to use it in the manner that they deem fit. At no instance, it will be acceptable if the users are manipulating the terms of the website as per their will.

8. We do not take the liability of anything and everything that will be displayed on the website. In case of negligence and personal injury due to wrong medication by the users, the website will not be held responsible.

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